HD 4850 or GTX 560 OC

i7 2700k with hd4850 or i5 2500k with GTX 560 OC

hd4850 is my old card and I want to upgrade my pc to run guildwars2 WvWvW massive battles with highest fps possible. I heard that most mmo`s the massive amount of players around is heavely CPU based event . Anyone have any thoughts , experiance or theory whitch setup woud keep higher fps in a situation whit hundreds of players around u ..... high end cpu whit low-average card , or average cpu whith average-good card
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  1. i5-2500k with GTX 560 OC
  2. i suggest go with i7 2700k with 4850 ur gpu still have plenty juice to play

    considering gpu u can buy letter but min thing is cpu u got i7 2700k agreat one since 4850 still can play games on medium setting with i7 2700k 4gb 1600 mhz ram
  3. if I find some money to buy both the i7 and GTX 560 OC , what shoud be the cheepest ok MB PSU for them and what the best cost eficient ones
  4. a hx 650 is good one for u r setup
  5. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/guild-wars-2-performance-benchmark,3268.html
    -read this article and then reconsider asking your question in the first place...
    -beyond that google is a wonder!@
    -the simple answer like said was 2500k and gtx 560ti
    -why not go for an IB chip if you wanna blow more money
    -your asking what a reliable psu is, why not read an article or two before asking...
    Corsair CX600 V2

    -look at any of the 3 toms SBM builds on the front page for more component recommendations
    -obviously an HX650w would be good too
    -overall your system draw will be low with a single gpu and an IB or SB chip

    -hey side note is anyone playing or gonna play GW2? (sorry OP)
    ^hey manu is that avatar of AC3? game looks awesome!
  6. the problem is that here (Bulgaria) high end GPUs are insanly overpiced (gxt670 570$) . Thats why I was thinking of leaving my old 4850 or getting the chepest signiifcant upgraide of it GTX 560 OC and down the road buy gtx670 from some other country when I have the chance
    I play GW... it is the real deal , but its -30% fun on the old pc :(
  7. As per Toms Hardware's Guild Wars 2 benchmark (Guild Wars 2)

    GTX 560 could run the game much better than your HD4850 (similar performance than a HD7750). I see it as a very nice upgrade.

    EDIT: And I didn't know any game that runs much better using core i7 instead a core i5
  8. ^yeah not for gaming, the i5 is all you need OP... money better spent on the gpu upgrade imo, that is, if your playing at 1080p or greater...
  9. the most cost effective is a SB (or IB) i5:

    the i7 costing a substantial amount more will give just a small bump in performance.
    and a 560 will give you very playable frame rates while playing @ highest settings:

    and i suspect the OC version will be slightly better . . .

    (generally for gaming; you never want to spend more on your cpu than gpu.)
  10. does this tests include situation where there is a battle whith 100+ players and if not woud u think that this much players fighting each other in 1 place woud be that much more taxing on the cpu that an i7 woud make a diference for the FPS ?
  11. Lighto said:
    does this tests include situation where there is a battle whith 100+ players and if not woud u think that this much players fighting each other in 1 place woud be that much more taxing on the cpu that an i7 woud make a diference for the FPS ?

    does it matter how many people you battle when your gpu maxes out @ 25fps?
  12. I dont what are u asking ... U dont have the same fps when u are alone and when there 100 things around u castin stuff . If I uderstand your question correctly the answer is yes , if your max fps is 25 when u go in a 100+ people battle U will watch screanshots probably
  13. ah. ok i didn't put that correctly.

    as i'll try again to say gaming is more gpu than cpu; even on games like multiplayer maps. its better to have a gpu giving you more frames and have the cpu hold you back a little than have the gpu hold you back a lot.

    and also the hyperthreading still is not helpful in any games. the slight increase in performance with an i7 is not worth the additional cost. but if you want to spend your money on an i7 and sit there watching a slide show, well that is your privilege.
  14. thats reasonable answer for gaming in general . I was asking about this because there are large number of recent mmo`s (mostly korean ) that relay heavily on cpu usage in intense situations and max out the CPU wile the GPU is like 50% thats why I was wonder if GW2 is similar to theese game in that regard or it is better optimized to utilize the GPU to a greater extend like the normal games
  15. did you read this by any chance? not just the article but look through the comments of those that have been playing it so far:
    Guild Wars 2: Your Graphics Card And CPU Performance Guide
    i'll repeat it again, there is no game that needs an i7 over an i5. i have no idea what cpu/gpu configuration that other people have that causes a cpu bottleneck, so i cannot comment on that.

    here is the bottom line: if you can afford an i7, cool. but not at the expense of getting a lesser gpu.
  16. ok there is overwelmingly more evidence that supports what u are saying .. so u are most likely rite , tnx for the help ... I will get i5 2500k . I just wanna ask lastly what good MB`s go whit it or what shoud I avoid ... if the good choices are too much and what PSU will handle up to gtx670 gpu and SSD that I might get eventually
  17. the PSU is easy, any quality 500+ watt will suffice:
    XFX 550W PRO550W Core Edition $69.99
    After Mail In Rebate: $59.99

    the motherboard depends on the budget. the important aspect to look for is the power phases when it comes to overclocking. a mobo with a 8+2 power delivery will be able to overclock more stable and higher than a mobo with 4+1 (the first number 8/4 is the phases for the cpu itself).
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