Should i upgrade or buy a new second hand pc?

so i have this pc at the moment and im thinking about uprgrading it to be able to play new games like battlefield 3 and hopefully gta 5 when its out.
my specs are:
core 2 quad q6700 2.66
gt 430 1gb
4 gb ddr2 but only 3.2ish on 32bit
500gb hdd
windows vista home premium 32bit
300w psu

now i have seen this computer on a local auction site with a buy now of $800 nz. so i have two options:
1. i sell my tv and ps3 and upgrade my current pc (i payed $180 nz from someone who listed it as a dual core XD)
2. i sell my ps3 tv and current pc to make it to $800 or slightly more

the pc im looking at is

it sounds pretty decent. what do you people recon?
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    I don't think that computer is really worth it. There might be other computers though. While the i5 in that computer is good, the graphics in that computer is not very good. I would say you could upgrade the GPU and the PSU in yours, and keep your PS3 and the TV lol.
  2. But ive only got 32 bit and i need ram! And wont i need ddr3 ram? Anyway just found out the auction is only for a dual core hes just advertising it wrong -_-
  3. That sucks then.
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