Intel HD graphics family?

Hey guys,

I'm just wondering,
I bought an HP pavilion Dv-7 which had following specs:

OS: Windows 7 home premium 64-bit
Processor: Intel (R) Core - i7-2670QM CPU @ 2,20Ghz (8CPU's), ~2,20Ghz (Turboboost is in there, so it goes higher.)
memory: 8192Mb RAM
Graphics card: Radeon HD 7470M

Now funny part is,
When i go into device manager, and I go to the display adapters,
It shows me two things:
1) Intel HD graphics Family
2) Radeon HD 7470M

When I looked in Dxdiag, it says i'm running on the intel HD graphics family..

Is my computer having two graphic cards? If so, is it possible to switch to my radeon? Because i'm presuming THAT'S the one that was designed for gaming, which is what I got this laptop for. Or is this computer just running both of those cards somehow?

All help is appreciated, cheers.
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  1. A lot of newer laptops that have a dedicated video card will use the onboard card for power savings.
    With Nvidia cards you can change what card is used via the control panel, and I'd assume that there is something similar in the Radeon control center.
    I have had issues in the past with my Dell laptop not using the dedicated card for a game unless I was in fullscreen mode regardless of what I had set as the default, so your mileage may vary...
  2. Thanks, that explains a lot but,
    Does that mean It's already using the radeon card?
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    If you are just using Windows, it will not use the radeon card by default. Games should use the radeon.

    There are settings in the Catalyst Control Center where you can change which card is used for certain applications. If you want a game to run on the radeon card and it isn't, you can change it there.

    Here's a tutorial from HP on how to change the settings:
  4. That worked, thanks a lot ;)
  5. Its basically a newer function for laptops to do switchable graphics. it switches to igpu during non hard work to save battery life.
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