What is a system disk boot failure

Hello, I dont know what type of computer, my computer is, I just know that it is see through says M-2NE when I start it up but I looked that up and it doesn't show anything, but it will show that screen for 30 seconds and then say "SYSTEM DISK ERROR, PLEASE INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND HIT ENTER" but I dont know what that is, or where to find one, I have looked up how to fix it but I A. didn't have that type of computer and/or B.I need to fix settings but I cant get to them because it doesn't show up, I am thinking about just hitting "reset all options" when I am in the boot menu but I dont know if I should, please help me!!!!! (I am using my friends computer and mine doesn't work at all)
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  1. :pt1cable: Thanks!
  2. Assuming your system was working previous to this incident and you haven't made any BIOS changes you probably have a bad hard disk. My advice is to seek some competent local help.
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