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This is my building for mid level gaming on high specs, imaging programs, and school work. Is it good, to much?

Thank you :)
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  1. I can't see anything in the wishlist.
  2. Alot of those parts are ridiculously expensive. You can do alot better.

    Have you ordered yet?
  3. I would recommend that build over the one posted. It has alot of higher performing parts.
  4. What parts are riducously expensive, and why? What can match there performance for a cheaper price
  5. What price are you looking to build to?

    Your case, motherboard, video card, power supply, RAM, and SSD are all way too expensive.
  6. Quote:
    the build i posted is all from newegg, is 4 dollars cheaper, and will absolutely DESTROY the machine you have selected. For 950 you can have a pc that will go head to head with anything, anywhere.

    You also have no sdd drive, half a tb less on your hard drive a hundred dollars less on your case. And your power supply is not on new egg or at least not for that price.
  7. I'm willing to pay that for my case because ill look at it everyday so I don't mind the extra cash :p and yes my powers supplie is over kill it was left in there from me and my friends "unlimited cash build" why is the stuff to expensive?
  8. The money on my case is purely a splurge on looks I'm fine with the cost of that.
  9. Anonymous said:
    The money on my case is purely a splurge on looks I'm fine with the cost of that.

    if you are spending $950 in a build(could you tell us your EXACT spending limit)and $150 on a case
    i don't care how good it looks you are just being stupid because you could buy a $50 case save $100 and put than into a i5 2500k/3570k instead of the 4170 and the motherboard it is just OVERPRICED the motherboard doesn't change your fps in game at all get something like that is all you need in a amd motherboard is you go intel get which is still cheaper than the one you had picked out this is more like it at $986 it is one of the best builds for $950-$1000 out there FINAL
  10. To jrgong, if you think my previous comment was meant towards you, it was meant towards the OP lol. Not insulting the build, but commenting on his original.
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