6670 DDR3 OR DDR5

I have GA-G31M-ES2L Mother board and now I want to buy Radeon 6670 Graphycs Card, but I am not sure that which 1 will support my mother board. if Radeon 6670 1GB DDR5 supports my mother board I will buy the card. So plz recommend me the perfect type which will support my board DDR5 or DDR3. plz its urgent i need help.
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  1. DDR5 obviously :)
  2. DDR5
  3. ddr5 is faster by a good amount
  4. The memory on the graphics card has nothing to do with the motherboard; the motherboard doesn't have to have any kind of special support for various kinds of memory on the graphics card. It just needs to have the right graphics card slot - a PCI-Express slot is the norm today (and the PCI-Express revision supported, and the number of lanes available, is then a factor in how well the card can perform).
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