[Solved] Home Network internet not working!

I'm not sure where to post this but I need help.

My internet stopped working. I have 2 computers wired and 1 wireless laptop. From the cable modem to laptop I can get internet to my laptop wired, from the router to laptop I can get internet. 1 computer is in a room, no internet, I try plugging in my laptop there and I can get internet, same with the other computer too. So the laptop seems to work for some reason, but I can't get my desktops to work. I even tried connecting an old desktop pc and that couldn't receive internet. I tested all my cables and they all work. Atm I have a cable modem to an 8 port switch. Before I had cable modem to a 4 port router, a cable from that router to a wireless router that had 4 ports too. I couldn't get internet working from either of the 4 port routers wired to the laptop. I'm very confused why the laptop receives internet but I can't get my desktops to. I've been trying to figure this out for 8 hours now!

Thank you :)
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  1. what type of modem and routers do you have?
  2. Hi, I solved it as of now I believe. thanks.
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  4. Did you want to post your solution, in case someone else has a similar problem and needs a fix?
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