Gateway SX2800-07 no bios splash

Hi all,

I received a computer to take a look at for a friend, hit a point where I'm not sure what the issue could be.

Its a Gateway SX2800-07 with integrated gfx, 4 gigs of ram, intel core2 quad processor. The individual got it from a company that went out of business, and so I'm was working fine before it exchanged hands. My friend plugged it in and said the computer didn't do anything.

I plugged it in, and hooked it up to an extra monitor I have. When I hit the power button, the light on the front of the machine lights up, HDD sounds like its spinning, and CPU fan is spinning. The problem is nothing else happens, no BIOS splash screen or anything.

My thought was the business probably wiped everything and probably weren't that careful, so I opened it up unplugged everything, pulled out the CMOS battery, held the power button to drain any leftover power, plugged everything in, same thing happened. Additionally there was no beeps, and I dont even see an indicator light on the motherboard. I also unplugged the HDD just to try and get any sort of error message on the monitor.

In order to get something to happen, I pulled both sticks of RAM out (That is after trying each one individually to no avail) started it up and finally an ear piercing constant beep. Okay great, so the motherboard isn't completely trashed at least it can recognize no memory. So thats where I left off.

Any ideas as far as next steps?
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  1. Probably the integrated graphics chip has failed, in which case a PCI Express graphics card should fix it (the Gateway SX2800 has 1 x PCI Express 2.0 slot).
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