Computer is freezing when starting games-please help

I have looked around a a lot and have yet to find an answer that helps. I would really appreciate some advice.

The problem is that when the computer goes under load, or at least when I try to play a game in 1920/1080, the screen freezes. Nothing I do changes anything.

-The Gpu is not overheating, I've been running msi afterburner and evga control panel and the screen freezes before the gpu heats up to 40C+.

-All the drivers are up to date as of yesterday.

-I cleaned out my case with compressed air yesterday, no change.

- The psu is 650W and I'm running a 670/i5, I'm pretty sure this should work

One thing that does seem odd is that the power button doesn't work when the computer is frozen, only the reset button (does this mean something is wrong with the mobo?)
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  1. Which power supply are you running?
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