USB Keyboard and mouse keep turning on and off


i have a problem with either my computer or it could be my household electronics, i would appreciate any help i can get.

whenever a family member or anyone turns a light switch on or off on the floor below , my keyboard disconnects for a few seconds and then turn back on. My younger brother and father also have computers in their rooms but do not experience this at all, in fact, on my older computer i did not experience this at all also. any suggestions as to what it could be ? as i have another 9 year old brother who has a habit of turning the lights on and off and it bugs the hell out of me. I have also tried another keyboard and mouse but still have the same problems with them aswell.

below are the specs of my computer if it helps at all :

Mobo: asus sabertooth z77
cpu: intel i5-2500k
gpu: zotac geforce gtx 580 3gb
case : aerocool x predator
hdd: WD caviar blue 500gb
keyboard: Microsoft sidewinder x6
mouse: rokkat kova+

again , i appreciate and help/suggestions

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  1. That is certainly a very odd problem, but given it is prompted by an external action, in this case someone flipping a light switch, it would tend to indicate that there's a potentially serious wiring fault in the house. You should get someone out to check over the place because this is at least potentially a fire hazard.

    In the short term, you could get yourself a UPS which would quite probably eliminate this issue for you. However, it wouldn't solve the underlying problem of there being an issue with the wiring in your house causing the problem in the first place.
  2. are your mouse and keyboard plugged directly into the motherboard or do you have a usb splitter/extention?
  3. The mouse and keyboard are both connected via extensions, I've tried it without them directly to the pc, as well as a hub. What is a UPS? Yeah I guess, but I'm looking for a quick fix as I spoke to an electrician who quoted between £3000 - 10000
  4. a ups is a battery unit you plug your pc into. it regulates the incoming power and also keeps you running incase of a power outage. theyre pretty fantastic but typically a few hundred dollars or more
  5. Ah ok, thanks! So my PSU being 750w, I'm guessing I'll need a 750 w ups or ?
    Thanks again for the help!
  6. only if your psu is being worked to max capacity, which i doubt it is. still, a 750w would cover you guaranteed
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