Computer works fine, power button does not.

Hey all,

Long time lurker here,

I've just set up a new gaming rig, specs below. While fiddling with the sata cables (there isn't much space), I accidentally pulled out the power switch cable. The computer works fine, the power switch does not. It will reset, however to power on I must use the button on the MB. Have I damaged the cable beyond repair?

MB: Z77 Oc formula
Case: antec 900
will provide more details if necessary
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  1. Is it plugged back in properly?
  2. I've tried both orientations, neither work. It is definitely plugged in.
  3. Check that you did not pull one of the wires out of the connector. To check if the cable is alright can be done with a multi meter by checking for connectivity with the button pressed.
  4. The wires and button are fine. There was no resistance with the button pressed. MB?
  5. are you plugging it in the power one? check the mobo manual to find out.
  6. Possibly the header. You can test the pins on it by just shorting them quickly with a flat head screwdriver, has the same effect as pressing the button.
  7. The power button was working fine prior to the sata cable incident, it is definitely the power one.

    There was no response when shorted with a flat head screwdriver.
  8. contact case mfgr. then you will know for sure if possible new switch if check local p.c. repair new switch under 10.00 done God Bless.
  9. Schmant said:

    There was no response when shorted with a flat head screwdriver.

    Hmmm, so when you shorted the pins on the MB nothing happened? If that is the case then I think the pin mounting on the MB has become damaged, do the pins have any movement on the MB, they should be solid.
  10. Yep it is the pins on the motherboard header, soldering broke or something like that.
  11. The pins don't move, if the soldering broke is it possible for me to repair?
  12. Soldering would be on the backside, if no visible damage then there is a possibility to do RMA. Those pins should not brake by just pulling the plug off them.
  13. hmn, i thought it was the button, i was going to suggest that you use the reset button instead
  14. I've had the MB for 2 days, how long do I usually have to return?
    I had read elsewhere that using the reset button can work, but the cord is connective, and the pins don't respond to shorting.
  15. Depending on where you are but in the US usually 30 days from date of purchase to retailer after that to manufacturer out the warranty period.
  16. Thanks all! I think we have reached the end of the line here.
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