Is the NZXT Lexa s a good case for the price.

Hey everyone I just want to know that if the NZXT LEXA S a good case for around 55 dollars although its not new but it looks ok.Here's the site where the deal is on ( so please let me know as soon as possible.thanks in advance.
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    it's a little older but got a good review on techpowerup

    considering it sells on newegg for $80+$9 shipping, i would say it's a very good price at $55. it's an even better price if you like the looks of the case
  2. Thanks a lot man you cleared all the doubts in my mind and I do like the way the case looks.thanks again.
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  4. cougar solution af2 50.00 free shipping newegg cable mgmt. ventilation midtower green can''t beat it God Bless.
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