Switch {reply pls}

i currently have core-i3-530 + 4gb ram + hd7750 oc edition
with dh55pj and 450w psu

so my plan is to sell mobo and processor
and keep rest
and buy this -


q1) so are they both complatible
q2) will my gfx work on that mobo nicely
q3) will psu work fine
q4) by how much % my performance will increase

please help and reply
any help is appreciated
thx alot

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  1. Youd be going backwards in performance if you did that.
  2. A1 yes they will work with each other
    A2 yes your graphics will do fine
    A3 PSU is good enough
    A4 you should see an increase but if its for gaming I would consider rather a better gpu
  3. but how the hell can i be backward in gaming
  4. Thank you dirtyferret for your support
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