Will my Dell Inspiron 1545 run Guild Wars 2?

Will my Dell Inspiron windows 7 1545 run Guild Wars 2?
The specs are:
Chip type: Mobile intel(R) 4 series express chipset family.
DAC type: internal
Adapter string: Mobile intel(R) GMA 4300 MHD
Bios info: Intel video BIOS
Total available graphics memory: 1695 MB
Dedicated video memory: 64 MB
System video memory: 0MB
Shared system memory: 1631 MB
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  1. scout_03 said:

    Thanks! Tried it but it came up with this 'The CanYouRunIt? Utility installation failed.

    Possible web brower compatiblity, firewall, or installation issue detected.

    Select OK to troubleshoot issue.'

    Not sure how to fix this issue..
  2. make sure you install plugin on page. try new browser.
  3. Read the article on the front page. If you can't find it, here it is... http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/guild-wars-2-performance-benchmark,3268.html
  4. 1.7GB RAM with old mobile IGP... if it runs, it will likely be horrible.
  5. you could try the fix it is for one for ie and the other for firefox
  6. I sincerely doubt that Intel GMA will run it, especially when the minimum requirements are Intel HD 3000 (which actually run it rather respectfully at 720p).
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