Evaluating professional-grade monitors

So I'm in the market for a couple of professional-grade monitors. Yay! (Boo! on price).

But I can't find out good specifications. FOr instance, some monitors are "true" 8-bit monitors, others send 6 bits of color information and then dithers the color to obtain a bigger gamut of colors. Both, however, claim 16 million colors. For instance, the dell monitor is the only one that claims 97% of the Adobe RGB spectrum.

Then there is IPS. And Samsung's PLS.

And apparently IPS panels are graded and only grade A and A+ are really high-quality and the rest are not so good.

Anyone knows where and how to dig through the muddle?

Thanks for advice! :)

Oh, and BTW, I can't post this without chooing a sub-section, while there is actually no subsection for monitor questions, even though the forum heading says graphics and *displays*. :(
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  1. Depends on what you intend to use the monitors for. For graphic design where color matching the screen to printed output is critical not only do you need a great monitor, but you should also use a monitor calibration tool such as a huey.

    For anything else spending big bucks is overkill.
  2. Yes, this is for photographic and design work that has to match printed output. And I know about the color calibration programs such as Spyder and Huey.

    But still, I can't get past the basic and sometimes misleading specs. so everyone recommends either the Dell Premium screens or the other company I now forget the name of.

    So I'd like to be able to do some research myself. Hence I'm asking if anyone knows a good site to review monitors on?

    Thanks again.
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