Is this a good gaming computer?

Ok, I'm in eleventh grade just sayin' and at the end of the year I'm planning to build a computer, but I'll be buying all the parts throughout the year and build it when SAT's are over.

The types of games I play aren't like Skyrim and Crysis, I play games like TERA online or Vindictus or Guild Wars 2 or, when it comes out, Blade and Soul.

I'm planning on buying 6 GB of ram, and intel i5 processor, and an AMD raedeon 7770. Will this be enough to play these games on high quality, and how much FPS would I get? I'm on a 600$ budget so...

Edit: Lol I'm missing alot of stuff huh... well is this a good start?
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  1. Oh yea and it's going to be Windows 7 64-bit if that helps
  2. Do you need to buy the OS in your 600 dollar budget?
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