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I want to upgrade my graphic card, which is an Nvidia gtx285 to a newer card. I was thinking about an 660Ti or an HD7950 or something like that. I would buy it in the upcoming month and my budget is ~€350. I would like to replace it with one card and upgrade in the future to an SLI/Crosfire setup

I would like to have a better colling than stock cooling,
I prefer nvidia cards over ati (but every suggestion is welcome)
and I would use it to run First person shooters mainly (like Battlefield, crysis,...) and some other games

My specs are:

motherboard: Asus P8Z68-V Pro
CPU: Intel i7 2600
GPU: engtx 285 1gig
RAM: 8gig corsair vengeance
Powersuply: Xilence 800w (I think this can support the sli/crosfire of a lot of cards..)

If you need any more information, just ask!

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  1. You have a pretty high end system, the 7950 has more performance potential but if your just a casual gamer and game at 1080p then the GTX 660ti will be perfect. If you are willing to play with voltages and clockspeeds the 7950 with it vram and bus width would be a better in most games.
  2. I'd rather not oc my card, I already burned out two of my cards and thanks of the fact I don't play with those things my guaranty still remains and I've got my money back one time (I burned those on my previous setup, so if it was due of the setup I Hopefully won't have that problem anymore)

    And my motherboard is only Pci 2.0 16x instead of the cards 3.0, won't that make a huge difference?

    And thanks for answering!
  3. If you're staying at 1080p, I'd recommend getting the 660ti because an MSI 660ti is cheaper than most variations of a 7950. The 660ti seems to scale in an SLI configuration as well. The restrictions of the 660ti will only come to light when you play at 1080p+ resolutions -- the memory bus is exactly half that of the 7950, so rframerates with Anti-Aliasing and Anistroscopic Filtering will be hindered. If you want the absolute best performance, I'd go with the 7950, but you will have to pay a small price premium.

    Aditionally, I think you should invest in a 2600k CPU, for overclocking, when you want to go SLI/Crossfire.
  4. and if kind of new here, if someone could explain to me how to put this topic as 'solved' it would be really kind!
  5. Thanks for the answer, two answers and all two in the direction of the 7950 so I think that I will buy it (this one if someone is interested, and it's in dutch, I'm from Belgium.. )

    Thanks everybody for the replys if someone has a really good argument for convincing me that the 660ti is still better, then don't be afraid, otherwise I'll think this topic is already solved,

    thanks all! :D
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