Help needed for a unknown computer!

So basically the title says it all. I recieved a computer off a friend who found it in a skipyard. I've got it now and i've installed windows xp on to it..but my god the display is a nightmare. The only specs i can reveal from this is:

Its called a Packard Bell iXtreme.
CPU : AMD Athlon(tm) XP 2700+, MMX, 3DNow
RAM: 1472MB
under system manufacturer and model it says n/a.

I cannot get the diplay out of 800 by 600 pixels at a 4 bit color rate.

I've tried drivers and all sorts of packard bell and i cant find anything.
All i want is to get the display working properly like computers usually do.

Also the monitor is under default..which i also cannot change.

Physically exammining the mobo, it says a number of N1996..thats all.

I cant system restore or anything like that. Also the computer says it has a video controller (VGA Compatable) if that helps.

Any help is appreciated on this computer!
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  1. try running cpu-z and gpu-z to see if they can read the gpu info of the mb and cards.
  2. Download this:

    It'll identify your hardware and allow you to locate and download drivers.
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