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I have Office 2007 with 3 licences. Jus after Xmas I build myself a new PC with absolutely top spec. I purchased legal Windows 7 Pro and installed 64 version on my new PC. Since I still had one licence remaining I also installed my Office 2007. Now I can not open Word attachments which are being sent to me with many emails. There is info box saying that there is problem sending a command to the program. I can not open any documents that I transfered from my old PC. This documents open in some gibrish machine language. I have Adobe Reader ilstalled but still no joy. Can you help?. Regards. Bob
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  1. somethings weird, office 07 is compatible with win 7
  2. uninstall and reinstall office
  3. Sounds like corrupt files (via bad hdd / corrupt filesystem).

    Start with the basics. Open word on its own (type 'word' in the Search section of start menu). Does that work? Download a .doc and .docx file from the internet (should't be difficult to find). Note, download the files (right-click, save as if necessary)...once they are downloaded to your desktop, browse to the file and open from word or from Windows explorer. This will ensure the problem doesn't stem from opening via web-browser plug-ins, which can be problematic.

    See if you can email a file to a friend. Can THEY open the old files?

    Good luck!
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