Artifacts without overclocking

My graphics card has just started to display severe artifacts, vertical and horizontal patterns, even in BIOS, so it can't be driver related. It's not overclocked, it's not overheating either. Temperature is 60C, which is not low but nowhere near hot.

I monitored the +12V rail with HWmonitor, and it shows just 10v.

Is it possible that this is the reason my card is showing artifacts?
Because I this point I don't know if I should buy another card, another PSU or both.

I don't have a spare GPU or PSU to test.
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  1. What gpu is it, and when did you buy it?? Did you make any changes to your system before the incident?
  2. It's a 4 years old Radeon HD4850, so it might be just the video card itself finally kicking the bucket. But the PSU voltage is worrying me too, besides the card.

    I haven't changed absolutely anything to my system, either hardware or software. Turned it off, went to sleep, next morning a few minutes after I turned it on my screen was full of artifact patterns.
  3. Usually the psu shows its fault under load, but this doesnt seem the case. What make and wattage is your psu how old it it?
  4. It's a Thermaltake Toughpower, 600W, 80 plus certified, 4 years old as well. Also, on the box it says that the +12V should be in the +3%/-3% range at most.
    I check the voltages from time to time and I didn't notice before the +12v output to end up only at 10.

    Hope this is a readable picture, unlike my previous one.
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