Heating problem with hd6670 and X4 965

Need to know is it OK,
my CPU temp goes over 71 degree cel. after 1 hour use and see the graphic card temp.
i m considering to buy a sound card too .
my config
4gb ram Kingston
tech-com cabinet
tech-com 450w smps
his ati 6670 1gb ddr5
asus m4a88tm le
amd X4 965 3.4 ghz with socket cooler (that come with bundle )
if i need a cpu cooler then is this one is good '
it's suits my budget .
what else i should do i m tight ob budget ..
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  1. Yes, that is a good little cooler for the Phenom II X4. But why are your core temps reading 0C?
  2. Now i have purchased hyper tx3 and my highest temp goes down from 71 to 59 degree C. but my graphic card goes from 60 to 70 degree C. it's because of my new sound card it's ASUS - Xonar DG 5.1 ,, i have simple cabinet ,, can this type of heat from my graphic card can damage my sound card if yes what should i do..
  3. these temp are noted while gaming ,,, idel it is not more than 45 degree C for Cpu,, and Gpu too.
  4. 70°C is an OK temp for GPU under load and should not damage anything, your CPU temp is OK as well but it is apparent that the sound card is restricting airflow to the GPU. Do you have any case fans in your cabinet or the possibility to add them?
  5. ya,, there are three possibilities 1. side panel 2. rear 3. below in front ,,
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    Adding case fans will help your temps further I would start with front as intake and back as exhaust.
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