Nothing on screen


I got this weird problem.

When my computer have been turned off for some time, it dosn't show anything on my screen.
But if i take out the power from the card and plug it back while the PSU is connected to power, then it works again (until the computer have been off for a night)

I got a long beep code
I've tried resetting the CMOS
Different screen
pluggin out GPU and back in

Still the same problem.

any have any idea what this couldt be i'm open for ideas :)


Gigabyte 78LMT-S2P
MSI HD7770 1GB
AM3 Phenom II X4 965
Corsair 580W
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  1. check the rev of the mb there three rev of this mb. look on the mb vendor web page make sure you have the newest bios for the right rev of your mb. if the mb has built in video onboard or with the cpu/gpu make sure the first video device is the pcie video card in the bios. it could be a bios bug that the cmos battery not holding and the mb defaulting to the onboard video. (may want to try and replace the cmos battery.)
  2. I would test the memory...
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