6870X2 vs 7850 vs 7870

Hi all,

I am in a dilemma. I have just bought a nice new i5 and mobo, and want to upgrade my 4xxx series graphics card.

I have circa £160 I am willing to spend on one.

From what I see, this gets me the following:

PowerColor HD 6870X2 Dual GPU for £170
Any 7850 for about £150
Any 7870 for about £160

Now, I use a single monitor, no more than 1080p (and no plan for a new monitor for at least 3 years).
I do not dual-screen at home either.

I want to play games like BF3 and Guild Wars 2 on near top quality without much issues.

My system has a 750w PSU so power is not a massive issue, however HEAT may be, I run a mATX sized case with no additional cooling.

From what I read, the 6870X2 is an immense card, but seems to be hard to find comparisons on it. 2 seperate 6870's are a tiny bit worse (based on what I see) and also are about £30 more expensive in the UK buying 2 single ones.

The 7850 would do me fine, I am sure, the 7870 seems almost worth it for £10 - or is it not?

I also wont be OC the card as I worry about the heat too much and dont want to invest in cooling when I dont need to.

Or would 1x 6870 do? lol
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  1. if you could swing it..7870
  2. 7870 is your best bet
  3. No Contest, get the 7870.
  4. Thanks!

    However it seems all the card I was looking at have gone up by £35 since yesterday.... nothing said the prices were discounted or anything, damned shops.
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