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Anything worth upgrading to from an i7 970?

Hey everyone,

I'm currently running an i7 970 (six-core) OC'd to 4Ghz and was wondering - Is there anything really worth upgrading to currently or on the horizon? I'm just not seeing anything.

I don't really do much gaming but do a lot of video compositing/editing and 3D modeling/rendering/animation so, yes, I'm only looking at hexa-core or beefier. The ONLY contender I can see is the 3930K and even that doesn't seem to justify the (total) cost vs performance gain.

So is there a single-chip solution worth upgrading to or should I just sit tight for another generation or two?

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    Well... you may get another 20% performance out of the 3930K, but it is as fast as they get.
    So no. Your CPU is still at the top of the food chain.
  2. Perhaps a human brain
  3. for what you would have to spend to get more performance theres nothing currently worth buying.
    as you can see i have the 920 and i see no reason to upgrade that cpu atm. maybe in june when we get the benches for haswell but even then it may not be worth it.
  4. No, there is nothing out there that is worth the cost of upgrading your current setup. You should be good for a generation or two easily.
  5. Okay cool. I'll sit tight. Thanks everyone!
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