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I have a corsair h60 liquid cooler that just began to buzz a few days ago. I'm looking to get away from liquid and back to air cooling. Can anyone suggest a heatsink. My cpu is an i5 2550k and my motherboard is a asus p8Z77-V LX. I don't think I will be overclocking in the foreseeable future.
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  1. CM Hyper 212 EVO or +,or the Xigmatek Gaia
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    I have the Hyper 212 myself. I would recommend it.
  3. those are good mentioned sinks. I have the thermaltake contac 29 and with a 4.5GHz overclock on a 2500k, I only hit about 65c under full load (prime95). There are so many different heatsinks out there, vendors and styles. I have seen the above mentioned sinks spoken about many times. Seems to have good reviews on it as well, and all are usually a lot cheaper than the closed loop systems such as the h60. However, if you still want to stick with water cooling, either build a custom loop or try out something bigger like the thermaltake water 2.0 extreme, or the equivalent corsair h100
  4. I purchased and installed a cooler master hyper 212 plus. It's working well.
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