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  1. The first one comes with a better graphics card. But there are better options if you want to build yourself.

    But parts might be hard to come by, so I would recommend the first one.
  2. Is the power supply enough for the system?
  3. The only difference I can see is the video card. :lol:

    I honestly don't like either, but if I were to choose, I would get the one with the 7770. Same performance for less power consumption.

    I don't know what currency this is in, but it's likely that it's overpriced. You sure you don't want to build your own?
  4. I know the spec are the same except for the graphics card, just wanted to know which graphic card would be the best for that system and if the power supplu is strong enough
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    Agree with the others, get the HD7770 build.

    Its a pre-built, should just be able to plug it in and go.
    The PSU isnt the best out there, but its fairly decent. Should easily hold the rig as is, though wouldn't attempt any big upgrades before getting a more powerful unit.
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