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Hi,I'm kinda new to the forums and I'm looking for your help.I am in the process of building a new pc and have hit a wall.I have a new in the box Amd 955be that I bought back in 2011 for a build but never used it.I have been buying parts this year and don't know if I should keep and overclock it or go for the 8350 fx.The parts I have are

GB 990fxa-ud3. Motherboard
Sappire 7950 hd 3gb video card
Gskill ripjaws series 8gb ddr3 1600
Xfx xxx 650w psu
Rosewill challenger case

I could use some advice I on sdd
Should I go with the kingston hyper x 3k or the ozc vertex 4 both 128gb?

Do I keep the 955 and overclock it and wait for steamroller or go for the 8350?
I would also like advice on water cooling I have a budget of 150$

I would love your opions as to whether or not this will be a good online gaming rig.

Thanks for any tips and advice.
Yes I could have gone intel but I didnt :kaola:
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  1. Easy this one, get the OCZ vertex 4, yes buy the FX8350 as for cooling buy the H80i
  2. Ok so with the ocz the 8350 and the h80i can I expect a good gaming system?
  3. I would keep the 955 and overclock it and wait for Steamroller.
  4. yea keep ur x4 955be and wait for steamroller
  5. yea keep ur x4 955be and wait for steamroller
  6. If i overclock the 955 will it avoid being a bottleneck for the 7950? with the h80i what kind of overclock could i achieve?
  7. maybe 3.8ghz and u will get good temps with the h80i i have the same chip with a oc to 3.8ghz and a h60 and my max temp is 52c
  8. would the h100i be better than the h80i? i found it for only 6 dollar more than the h80.and the 955 can really perform well enough for the 7950?
  9. if u can fit it in ur case and u will have to overclock ur to 3.6ghz to stop a small bottleneck
  10. And if i went with the 8350 would i have any bottleneck issue at all?
  11. no there will be no bottleneck
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