Need Quick Help, Thanks in Advance!

Ok, so im looking to buy a cheap desktop to run GW2 and I was wondering which of these graphics cards (or both) would be able to run the game at low to medium setting with decent fps.

The Nvidia 9400 gt (512 mb) ot the ATI Radeon X1550(256 mb).

The rest of the computer specs are 4 gb or ram and dual core 2.5 ghz processor.

The radeon card is cheaper but If it won’t be able to run the game decently at low settings (25-30fps) should I get the 9400gt instead?

I know both of these cards are sub-par but it is all I can get for now.

Thank you for your help. I tried looking up benchmarks for these cards but didn't have too much luck.
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  1. 9400!
  2. As I understand it, GW2 is more of a CPU-intensive game than a GPU intensive game. You seem to have a decent CPU and the 9400 I believe meets the minimum requirements, so you should be okay. However, I would recommend getting a better GPU if you want to have decent settings and a decent FPS. Best of luck though, good luck with your purchase.

    P.S. I used to "game" on a PNY 9400 with a single-core Pentium 4 for almost 3 years. One day when I was BARELY hitting 35 frames on Minecraft and was ready to throw my computer out the window, I decided I needed to build my own system. Now I have a system with a Radeon 6950 and an AMD Phenom II 965. I had good times with that card though, and its still in my family's computer to this day.
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