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I have a gigabyte ga-990fxa-ud3 am3+ motherboard with a AMD fx-6300 vishera 3.5 GHz am3+ 95w six core processor and the last thing I need is heatsink. Any suggestions? I have only built one other computer about 6 years ago and I got a cheap one from bestbuy. I wanted to make sure i got a good one this time and that it fits the motherboard, and is appropriate for the CPU.
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  1. I guess my advice would be to not go cheap and try a site like newegg or tiger direct find AM3+ compatible heat sinks and fans and make sure to check the reviews people are usually ver honest in there reviews of good and bad.
  2. I have purchased all the parts from newegg and i looked around for a heatsink and the problem i ran into was when trying to narrow my search for am3+ compatibility is i found at least 4-5 search parameters that had am3+ as an option paired with other types i have no clue about. Thats why im here for some idea. I just dont want to buy something to have to return it.
  3. Thanks everyone, it really helps
  4. +1 for the evo, does the job fine for the low cost!
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