New video card not working

I just got my new GTX 670 in the mail today and im having some problems with it and wanted to see if anyone could help before I RMA it tomorrow.

When I turn on my computer the fan on the video card seems to be going at full speed but will not display any video. I tried plugging it into the onboard video to install drivers and I got a message saying that there was no hardware detected.

I tried using the disk that came with the card and I also had downloaded the latest drivers from the nvidia website a couple days ago, beta and live drivers, I got the same error every time.

I then turned the computer off and booted into safe mode to erase all the nvidia drivers with driver sweeper and then tried to install the GTX 670 drivers and still got that message saying no hardware detected.

I just got back from bestbuy with a new power supply that is a bit larger than mine to make sure my power supply was fine, but it still doesnt work.

My Build:
mobo -
power supply -
video card -

any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Did you connect the 6 pin power connectors to the card? Also you may have to change the bios to enable the card(disable the intel video on the cpu).
  2. I did connect both 6pin connectors. I did not turn off the onboard video.

    Ill do that now and get back to you.
  3. I just got my computer put back together from switching the power supply out and I switched the default graphics adapter to PCIe and it still isnt detecting the card.
  4. How old is your bios? I had a similar issue with my ASRock mobo and after I updated to the latest bios it worked fine.
  5. i updated it recently, ill try again and get back to you
  6. no luck i already had the latest bios, i updated it anyway but it still doesnt work.
  7. You could try reseating it and making sure it's in properly. If that doesn't work then I'd just RMA probably.
  8. I just tried re installing my old 460 and now im having the same issue, i think something might be wrong with my motherboard.

    im gonna go over to a friends house and see if my new card will work there, his build is almost identical to mine also.
  9. So does the onboard video work? Did you make sure that your PCIE is enabled in the bios and onboard is disabled?
  10. That's unfortunate, good luck with the next one.
  11. yeah the onboard works and i set the default to PCIe in the bios.

    I also just got off the phone with the higher level tech support at EVGA and they confirmed that it is DOA.
    ill update this thread when i get the new card

    Thanks for your help
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