Moderately powerful card with low power consumption?

I'm looking to turn my rather ordinary desktop into a decently solid gaming computer. The processor, while a bit outdated, ought to hold up well enough to most games, I hope(X4 630). I can't make a gaming monster as is, but I at least hope to play some older games with mods and at least something to hold steady with the newer games until I do a full new system build.

I'll most definitely be replacing the PSU, which is way underpowered for graphic cards.

My question is, is there a moderately powerful card out there that is decent when it comes to power consumption? I was looking into the HD 7770 because it uses so little power, as the recent energy bills have been quite high. The problem is, I don't think the 7770 has enough oomph for what I want. Is there a middle of the road card that has more gaming power but doesn't suck up the wattage? I was thinking something along the lines of a 560 Ti, but the power consumption is night and day in comparison.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. simple, 7850
  2. not a whole lot of choices if you want something to perform close or better than a 560ti, but uses as much power close to the 7770 other than the 7850.
  3. Yes, this 7850 looks to be exactly what i'm looking for, guess I never noticed it browsing through cards on the net. Thanks!
  4. IMO, i think the x770 cards consume the least power. I might be wrong though :o
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