Is there difference between an APU and a CPU with integrated graphics?

So an APU is basically a CPU and a GPU put on a same die, in order for them to communicate more efficiently (and to use the GPU for some numbers crunching typically done by the CPU as far as I know).

On the other hand, we have CPUs with integrated graphics. In the past, integrated graphics were chips built into the motherboard but now we have CPUs with graphics build into them, seemingly making them identical to APUs.

So, is there a difference? If there is please explain.
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  1. Yep, that about covers it.

    Intel still calls it processors with an integrated graphics core a "CPU".
  2. The APU is a AMD CPU with a entry level Radeon 6000 core (for the FM1) or an entry level Radeon 7000 core (for the FM2) GPU together. The APU can do much better graphics then any Intel CPU or regular AMD with integrated graphics. Its for people that want to be able to do some entry level to mid-level gaming without using a discrete VGA card. AMD is using it as its entry level CPU segment. They use a FM1 or the newer FM2 sockets and are not compatible with any other socket types or each other.
  3. So... there is no difference? Thanks guys :D

    Also, how do I close a thread, I'm new to forums in general (weird I know)?
  4. Well can't APU's do that thing where they can Also Pseudo-Crossfire with a discrete GPU?

    AFAIK no Intel CPU can do that with a discrete GPU.
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