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I have Dell Optiplex 980 running Win 7 and:
27" LCD TV at 1366X768
20" Dell Monitor at 1024X768

Because my motherboard doesn't support Crossfire, I couldn't run a third video card, so I bought an AOC 22" USB-powered monitor. Its driver installed without a hitch. However, It runs at 1920X1080, which is WAY to high resolution for me.

I don't see any way to half the resolution, it would be great if I could, but Windows

Alternately, is there some way to, essentially, make everything bigger on this display only? My other two displays look fine. I like to sit further back from my displays and run them at lower rez.



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  1. as far as changing the res on the usb based monitor I have no experience with that but I am sure its a simple fix it you google it...also for making the items on the screen appear bigger but keep the same res if you look on the screen shot you posted there is a link in there on the bottom left that says "make text and other items larger or smaller" click on that and it will bring you where you need to be to make that happen haha
  2. Thanks Drums. I believe the 'make text and other items larger' applies to all monitors, it's a global setting. As the changing res, I have googled the problem but haven't found anything besides product reviews and drivers.

  3. yea I googled it too...didnt find much...was there any software that the monitor came with? or did the drivers install a control panel or something? if so I would start there and see if you can change anything
  4. Nope, it gives no options.

    Thanks for your help. I think I'm going to get a USB-to-VGA adapter instead, and run a different monitor.
  5. no problem man...there has to be a way to change the resolution on it would be stupid of AOC if you cant.
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