Whats the deal with Killer Xeno Pro?

So i was checking up on alienwares site and started "building" a computer since i like to know what options are available for their desktops to just to see what theyre running.
I saw this thing called Killer Xeno Pro. I did a quick little read on how its a dedicated ethernet PCI E card that improves your graphics for online games. It claimed to get 25% better fps in TF2 when using it compared to not using it.

I remember reading about something that sounded similar to this ages ago. Some sort of dedicated video processor that the ethernet plugged into. I remember hearing that it was supposed to improve online gaming just like this Xeno pro thing, but it was insanely expensive. I asked around and everyone said it was either buggy, didnt work, or was not in any possible way worth the money even if you had money to throw away.

So what exactly is this thing and is it worth getting or keeping my eye on?

- Thanks.
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  1. It won't help your FPS in games. What it claims to do is prioritize traffic so your 'game' traffic has priority over other network traffic. This is all nice and dandy if you do multiple things at once that require network access. If you only play the game and nothing else it won't really do much.
    It also can't do anything as far as latency with internet servers/lag as there are many things outside of your network that can cause this.

    To be honest, save your money on a better video card. To be really honest, BUILD your own computer. Save some money and learn a lot in the process.
  2. Thanks, thats what ive been doing, i just never understood what the damn thing did. Seems like theres all this media hype about it when really everyone says its a waste of money.

    I wish i understood my router better so i could prioritize my bandwidth towards gaming since my family does torrenting and lots downloading from like hulu or netflix or something like that. The router says its supposed to do it for me, but so far i havent come across any software or settings that do anything like the packaging suggests lol
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