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So I work at Microcenter (I'm sure most people know that store) and I have a chance to get an open box Zotac 680 for around $340-350. It's tested and works fine and everything. I don't really know too much about the brand and from what I read around they're decent cards just at the bottom of the Nvidia card sellers.

So I'm just trying to hear if I should get this card or skip on it.

It's this card here
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  1. yea man I would go for it....thats a pretty good deal...does the card appear to be used? (dust buildup or anything) I mean its based off of the reference 680 design so they cant really screw it up haha (zotac) and you said its been tested so I would def hop on that deal if you are in the market for a new card
  2. Nope it's pretty clean. You have about 15-30 days to return your purchase depending on the item so the original owner didn't own it for too long.
  3. yea man then I would def go for it...I bet the guy bought it and found out that it wouldnt work in his system or his system couldnt keep up with the card so he returned it...thats a pretty good deal I wouldnt want to let that one pass up
  4. If I had 700 dollars I'd probably get the other one (there was two of them) as well, but one should be plenty for maxing games out for a good while.
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    oh yea one would serve you well thats for sure....I would go for it man gotta get your game on haha
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  7. no problem man glad i could push you over the edge and help you make the decision you work in a microcenter in illinois? if so I might stop by and pick the other one up lol
  8. Looks like I'm getting a new graphics card tomorrow! Haha thanks.
  9. No, Colorado lol. Always check those clearance/openbox deals. Most are just people buying things to figure out if it will fix their computer to only find out it wasn't that and return it shortly after. As a cashier I hear all the time "Yeah I'm just trying to figure out what's causing my computer to not work its either ______ or _______. If they don't work I can return them right?"

    If only my store manager didn't do so many markdowns for the month I could of probably gotten this card for less than 300 haha. No way its going to be there by next week though so I'm just saying f*** it and getting it.
  10. yea good call dont hesitate you gotta jump on stuff like this when it appears.
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