What\'s the best CPU for my RAM and graphic card?

Hi everyone,

Could anyone tell me which cpu is best for my system for gaming, or is there any advice

RAM = DDR2 2GBx2
GPU = NVIDIA 8400 / 512MB

I know it is not the best system but I'm rebuilding an old PC :) .

Thanks in advance,
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  1. that a 8400 gs? i currently have that setup 4gb ddr, and a 512mb 8400gs with an athlon 64 X2 6400+, the cpu is good, but its the gpu that holds it back, it barely plays wow on low 1080p, i have a similar setup with again 4gb ddr2 with a am3 athlon II x2 240 which for its lower clock speed is similar to the 240, paired with a geforce 210 plays wow on medium alot better. So a core 2 duo/quad, or athlon/phenom am2/am2+ dual/quad core will be fine
  2. DO you own an motherboard already or is this completely new?
  3. If u need to buy a new board might as well go current gen which requires ddr3, but ddr2 is expensive, and the 8400gs is outdated, if u have a board, most decent cpus ebay will cost barely $50
  4. Its an old computer looking for upgrade, my advice is unless you are looking for casual usage you can upgrade but if you are looking to do something more powerful paly games or something, best is to build a new one.
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