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Boosting a wifi signal using an additional router?

Hi, i'm connecting to the internet using a desktop pc and a D-Link DSL-2560U (modem + wireless router). The wifi signal is very low on the other side of the house. I also have another wireless router - a Trendnet TEW-431BRP, and i want know if i can put it in the middle of the two areas of the house in order to boost the wifi signal in that area. How can i do it?

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    Add a wireless repeater

    Wireless repeaters extend your wireless network range without requiring you to add any wiring. Just place the wireless repeater halfway between your wireless router, modem router, or access point and your computer, and you can get an instant boost to your wireless signal strength. Check out the wireless-N repeaters from Linksys , D-Link, Belkin , and Buffalo Technology, or shop for a wireless-N repeater.

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