Should i have chosen an other cpu?

I am wondering if i should have got a other cpu then i have right now..

My system is:

Asrock z77 pro3 (usb 3.0, pcie 3.0)
**i5 2500k
Sapphire Radeon HD 7870 OC 2GB
8GB Ram 1600mhz.
and some other stuff not necessary for this topic.

What i was wondering, shouldnt i have bought the i5 3570k?

here is my explanation:

the 2500k does not support usb 3.0 natively so im not sure if my usb 3.0 ports work on my z77 pro3. Also my bios can only detect 1333MHZ ram, because of the cpu. My videocard is a PCI 3.0 card, but the card now uses pcie 2.0, Because of the cpu..

the price difference were talking about is really nothing..
I might be able to send the 2500k back but im not sure if i should do so.

Another thing is that im probably going to OC my cpu and i have heard the 2500k has better overclocks.. So what should i do?

Edit: and the 3570k is third generation, does that also have some benefits? or should i just stay with the 2500k?
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  1. USB 3.0 has nothing to do with the CPU, it's all about the Motherboard. I run an i3-2100 and have USB 3.0.

    The difference between PCIE 3.0 & 2.0 performance is less than 1%.

    There's a reason why the i5-2500K (and then the 3570K) is the best gaming CPU. It can handle anything and everything you throw at it, it OC's like a champ & sells at a great price.

    The CPU may only support 1333 but the motherboard selects what speed the RAM runs at. Since you have 1600 simply change the speed in BIOS and it forces the CPU to use the RAM at 1600.

    What should you do? Get an aftermarket cooler, 212 or Noctua and OC your 2500K.
  2. I just made the same decision forr two computers and chose the IB chip. I felt it was a no brainer. I have no idea why you chose otherwise.

    the two CPUs perform pretty much the same in games, most of the stuff you listed is motherboard issues not CPU. Do what dscudella said and get a CPU cooler and OC your cpu to 4.5 ghz or so(the 212 is only $20-$30 and will keep your temps below 70c @ ~4.5GHz).
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