Corrupted mouse cursor.

Hi, I have an issue where my cursor becomes corrupt. It looks like bits and pieces of the cursor or as if it was sliced in half. Jagged random lines etc. Would a Windows repair do anything with this at all?

I've looked around Google for quite awhile now and everyone that has had this problem is either in 2010, or has multiple monitors. I'm only running a single monitor and have this issue. My drivers are all up to date.

Here are two images of what I mean. It doesn't matter what application I'm it. It remains corrupted and will fix itself at random (or so it seems) or will irritate me to the point where a restart will fix it. I've tried swapping the cursor to different animations/symbols etc, but it remains corrupt even after changing such things.
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  1. Try going to the control panel-->system-->device manager-->under mice, right click and uninstall the devices-->then restart.
  2. Alright. I'll post back if it happens again. Seems to happen at least every other 3 days max. Sometimes more than once in a day.
  3. Yup, happened again. Opening magnifier fixes the problem.... (???)

    Only fixes it while the program is open. If I exit it, it gets bad again. Also can't tab into games with a cursor with the magnifier on like that (produces no cursor). How does magnifier help this situation? Does it redraw a different cursor?
  4. Does refreshing the page (pressing F5) help restore the cursor?
  5. Nope. And you can't really refresh a game either. It seems to happen only in games. I don't remember for sure if it has been happening outside of them or not. People saying its probably drivers but why don't many more people have this issue?
  6. Maybe some deadly combination.

    Was it always like this? Or it just started recently? What could have possibly changed?

    You could always start with a fresh install (or an alternative install on a second drive/partition), and watch when the error appears. Of course it doesn't help that you can't reproduce the error, it "just happens". This makes experimenting difficult...
  7. Try it in safe mode.
  8. @szaboaz It started happening between the time I had gotten my RAM (8GB Patriot Viper Xtreme Division 2) and SSD (Samsung 830) upgrade. I've done memchecks and all of that sort of thing and nothing shows up. I don't have other hardware to test to see whether or not one or the other is the issue or if something wonky happened with the fresh install. A fresh install would be a pain in the ass for a minor issue like this, if there's really no other way to fix it (was hoping to find one from this forum/googling more maybe) then that's probably what I'll end up doing.

    @aford10 I'd be in safe mode for an extremely long time as it happens at random. It's not a consistent thing.
  9. My whole setup is in my sig now btw if it matters in terms of config.
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