Suggestion on this build and recommendation

ok.. im going to build my own pc... these are the spec

1st question: will the hardware bottleneck with each other?? since im using 1333mhz ram
2nd question: suggestion on power supply that i should buy and the wattage.
3rd question: GPU recommendation with better performance but almost the same price with the GPU i listed ( cheaper then better :DD maybe amd :/ )

info that reader should know :-
1) this is a gaming pc
2) im not planning to overclock it
3) pls do not suggest other mobo or other stuff beside than gpu and psu or ram( except bottleneck occur)

spec :-
intel i5 3570 processor ( please mind that im not planning to overclock)
asrock h77 pro 4/mvp mobo
leadtek winfast gtx 670
g.skills 4gbx2 dual channel ram 1333mhz ( or you can even suggest better g.skills memory maybe like ripjawx? )
corsair h80 liquid cooling
6 fan with led light 120mm
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  1. no need for H80 if you are not going to overclock.

    i will actually suggest a i5 3470 which is $30 cheaper than 3570 and not much of a difference.

    for GPU i would get a 7970/7870 with a corsair HX750

    change ram into 1600 2x4gb(8gb) set
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