GTX 560 TI OC + GT 220

Hey. Was wondering if i could put up the gtx 560ti and GT220 in sli to enable surround monitors 3x19"
I know different GPU's aren't work very good with eachother but, im not looking for great performance increas.
Just the possibility of 3 monitors.
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  1. No, that will not work, the cards have to match.
  2. Are you certain?
    Iv seen ppl use a second often weaker card for physX.
    So sli with a different card would work right?
    Or do they mount both gpu's without sli cabel?
  3. Yes, you can use that for physx, but physx card cannot be used for nvidia surround. And dedicating a card for physx isn't SLI.
  4. Regarding Physx:
    Using the GT220 for Physx would decrease your overall performance.
    GT220 is so weak that your GTX 560Ti would wait GT220 calculate the Physx before showing the image in the screen, so, decreasing the FPS.
  5. You can use it to drive a 3rd monitor in extended desktop mode, but it's not the same as nvidia surround where your desktop spans 3 screens. You won't be able to play games on the secondary displays but you can run a browser window or something on it.
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