Best card at minimam price for 2012 and 2013 games

i want to upgread my video card for upcoming games(crysis 3 gta 5 assassins creed 3 etc)
witch is the best card at reazonable price that can handle upcoming games
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  1. GTX 660 Ti. Or 7950/7870.
  2. what about the 550 ti is this card suitable for 2013 games
    550 ti is my first choise ,what is yours opinion ?
  3. It's pretty bad. HD 7770 costs the same and performs much better. Also, i doubt it will be good enough for games like Crysis 3 (unless you want to play on much lowered settings).
  4. the x770 cards are the cheapest for their level of performances. But that is just my opinion, other people might think 7850 or GTX660ti are bang for the buck.
  5. VGA for 2013 upcoming games?
    You should spend at least $300 in vga, not $100~$130
  6. need to raise more money then
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