Gtx 570 msi OR zotac

Hey guys I found great deals on the gtx 570 here on :

amazon :


Need recommendations which brand should I buy and which card is more long
lasting ?

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  1. Personally i would take the MSI. The customer reviews also point in that direction i think.
  2. I have bought some Zotac stuff with no problem, but between them and MSI I would pick the MSI, especially as that MSI has one of the better coolers on the market (just make sure your case has a good exhaust as the FrozerII will not 'self exhaust' the heat like a normal card).
  3. Well to be honest i don't know about the Zotaic Amp but i am sure it's not a bad choice i actually own two of those MSI 570 i have had them almost a year now i can oc either one to perform on a stock GTX 580 level
  4. I actually have 2 of those Zotac Amp editions in SLI and am very happy with them. They exhaust out the back of my case which is a good thing. Never owned MSI before so I can't comment on that one
  5. I don't know if there's any 570s from Zotac or MSI with double VRAM (2.5GB), but if you can find one with extra VRAM, get it.
    Only 1.2GB of VRAM gonna limit you in some games @ 1080p.

    When I got my EVGA 570, I was between it and the MSI, but I got EVGA for the 2x VRAM, and I'm glad I did it, especially for games heavy on MSAA.
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