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Intel i7 on for 1 minute no fan.

I'm a complete idiot and forgot to plug the fan back on my CPU after cleaning it. It ran for about 1 minute before i realized (didnt do anything, was just testing to see if the PC would run). Now when i turn on my PC, the graphics card wont recognize the monitor... Could 1 minute really ruin a CPU? Or am i just a dolt who could be missing a wiring after cleaning.?
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  1. Ok i got the monitor and graphics all running fine. Now im just wondering how harmful that was the my CPU, if at all? The heatsink was on by the way, just the fan wasnt plugged in
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    It shouldn't do any damage. If the CPU wasn't cool enough the whole PC would have shutdown completely, not necessarily to prevent damage, just because they're not engineered to work in these temps.
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  4. Thanks, I guess I'm just paranoid.
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