HD7950 MSI TF3 - Poor overclock /gpu crsh

I recently purcharsed an MSI TF3 HD7950 OC edition, it comes clocked at 880 / 1250mhz with a stock voltage of 1.031.

I can't get it to run through 3d mark 11 at these speeds even when I up the voltage to 1.1, it will run it at stock speeds 800 / 1250 mhz but that defeats the point of it.

I read everywhere about people hitting 1100mhz core + on 1.2 volts and managing 1000mhz core on stock volts or little more.

I cant get anywhere near 1000mhz on stock volts, the gpu driver just crashes every time, I cant even run 1050mhz at 1.25 volts, again just constant driver crashing.

Granted I'm running this with my old q6600 @ 3.6 ghz until I upgrade it at xmas, my psu is an ocz fatality 750w which is only a few months old.

Anyone else had poor luck with a 7950?

Seems to be either a crap card for oc'ing or theres something else causing the issue.

Any help appreciated.
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  1. what are the temps on the card use gpuz to find this...does it crash right away or does it take some time before it crashes in benchmarks? have your tried other driver versions? with the temps maybe the factory messed up the heatsink install
  2. Idle temps are 35 ish, only seems to run 3d mark at stock speeds of 800 / 1250, it hit 61 degrees with the fan set to auto which seems reasonable to me.

    I've formatted and re set the cmos to be sure there are no traces of my old card anywhere, still when I try to run 3d mark at the card factory OC settings of 880 / 1250 it crashes, starting to wind me up now.

    I'm only running the cpu, gpu, 1 hdd, 1 optical drive and fans, should be enough juice in the PSU to power it.
  3. yea your psu should def be fine for your setup....temps are good...does it crash in games too? the card appears to be faulty bc it will not even run at its stock values you havent even oc'ed it yourself yet and it still crashes...I would start to look into RMA'ing the card to get a new one that doesnt seem right
  4. Well i tried cat 12.4 instead of 12.8, managed to get through 3d mark at 880 / 1250 but it just refuses to work at core 1000, up to 1.2v now and still getting driver crash :@
  5. If you're crashing at the stock speeds that the card shipped with, you can RMA the card and get a new one... sounds like you got a faulty card.
  6. Yes I've tried everything, one succesful run at 3d mark at stock speeds, every other run has resulted in a crash, I've come from a hd6870 which is of similar power requirements.

    RMA it is!, ta for the replies.
  7. I have noticed 3dmark 11 is very picky on drivers, I had issues with random crashes during the tests.

    If you just RMA it you can rule out defects if it does it again, you may have a issue then with drivers compatibility. Q6600 will bottleneck that card horribly too.
  8. I know the cpu will bottleneck it but I plan to upgrade it at xmas, the card was on offer so thought I would get it.

    BF3 crashes randomly aswell when running SP, I just lasted about 1 minute before a crash at stock settings of 880 / 1250, thing is OCUK sent me it in a battered box with almost no packaging inside, the gpu box was open aswell.

    High possibility its been damaged during transit.
  9. Yeah do a RMA and see what happens
  10. I had a simliar issue on my Sapphire 7950. Stock the voltage is .993. The card would run at the factory overclock at these speeds but couldnt get anything beyond this until I bumped my voltage. I had 1.2 for awhile but tweaked it down and found I can do 1100/1400 stable at 1.175. I set my OC profile at this and havent had any issues since. With this being said though, you should be stable at the factory overclock with the stock factory voltage so I would probably go thru the RMA like everyone is reccomending.
  11. Same here, bought a MSI 7950 TF3 OC ,
    when I play Battle Field 3, in some maps, the game crashes every few minutes, totally unplayable,

    Then I flash a XFX 7950 bios(800mhz) over the stock bios,no more crash!
    the default 880mhz is unstable!
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