Asked for advice on my future build,

I asked for advice in my build and was told many components of it were overpriced but not old why they were. I asked for a reason why they were overpriced compared to the options they gave but got none. Can anybody help me with advice on how to get the answers I need instead of being told my build is to expensive and not why it is.
Thanks you
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  1. Sure - can you post your previous build or give the link to the original thread?

    That build correct? I will answer your question in order of the parts you listed.

    The case:

    The case is too expensive, as generally paying over $100-$150 on a case yields no benefits in cooling. If you like the look of the case, then so be it. Yet personally I don't see any advantage of a more expensive case rather than a cheaper one.

    The motherobard:

    The 990FX Fatality is rather expensive for the board, but it is a good board nonetheless. There are other feature rich boards for less than that price.

    The GPU:

    Generally, the price for a 7770 is around $130 or so. The one you have listed is $160. You can get a much better card for that price. You might think that it is better because it has 2GB of VRAM, but the GPU is going to run out of processing power before it gets to use the full 2GB of RAM offered.

    The power supply.

    This is the one place you don't want to skimp, yet the one you picked is more expensive than is considered "not skimping" 80 Plus Platinum is good, and is really nice on super high end rigs, but something with 80 Plus Bronze will do just fine.

    The RAM:

    You can get 8GB of RAM for the price of the 4GB that you had, and RAM coolers, while they are cool are not really necessary.

    The SSD:

    A 128GB SSD like the Samsung 830 will run you about $100. It performs about the same.
  3. Thank you demo 13. Didn't mean to sound rude if I did but I'm trying to learn and not just get told whats best so one day I can give back to the community
  4. No problem. We're all learning here anyway. :)
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