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hi i have a gtx 550ti and im wondering how will it run on a 1080p montior in games
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  1. Won't work THAT good. Don't expect games running on ultra. It may be able to handle high though.
  2. it can handle most games with high settings including bf3 without a lag on 1080p.. Of course not with 60fps.. I was not able not get good frame rate with witcher 2 on high though.. Other games run fine with high settings..
  3. ok thanks the games i play gta 4 and mafia 2 ld42 nad bf3
  4. GTA 4 may not run on ultra. Mafia 2 will. LD4 will, BF3 won't.

    I have that card on my old PC. Just sharing my experience.
  5. yeah im runnin gta 4 on high so i cant run gta 4 on high when i have a 1080p montior
  6. High would work, Very high wouldn't!
  7. ok
  8. how about bf3 3 on high will it be alright in 1080p
  9. Will work on high, but not on ultra!
  10. u can run bf3 on ultra in singer player but u will be lucky to get high when u play online
  11. corymartin, that's hardly the truth unless he wants to run at 25 fps...
  12. in bf3 online should i run it on med to high
  13. Online settings don't matter afaik. Specially if you have a nice connection.
  14. Sunius said:
    corymartin, that's hardly the truth unless he wants to run at 25 fps...

    i can run on ultra in single player and i have that same card but it might not be the same because i have it overclocked to 1ghz
  15. he so do i but im upgrading it to a hd 7950
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