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I'm looking to build myself a new mid range gaming computer.

Ive already done research and think I'm close to buying

My budget is about ----$1000--- for the computer (my build has about $230 in peripherals).

Going to keep for ----3.5 YEARS----

I plan on playing -----mostly strategy----- games but not exclusively (these may be more cpu than gpu intensive?) .

Examples of games--- Spring engine, Minecraft, league of legends, Dwarf Fortress(this is important), skyrim..etc (for any higher end games or newer games high graphics settings aren't too important medium or high settings with good fps is fine)

here is my build as of now

MY MAIN questions are

1) Should I plan on overclocking( Ive never build or overclocked a computer before and everything is kinda confusing. I got low profile RAM so getting an aftermarket cooler is an option although I probably wont OC at least right now)

2) Everything compatible?

3)I want to go with nVidea most likely( a game i play often supports it better) but will the 660 (non ti) be enough to last for 4 years and perform fairly well with strategy games? Or should i step it up to the 660ti? (Again ultra or very high setting arent important--- i want good fps on medium/ high though for sure)

4)PLEASE leave any other comments you have.

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  1. If you're not going to OC then save yourself some money and buy the i5-3450 instead.

    I would recommend a different motherboard such as the Asrock Z77 Extreme4. If you're not going to overclock then you can get a much cheaper board.
  2. 1) Overclocking is a matter of perference. If you don't want to overclock, you can get a cheaper H77 motherboard and a cheaper i5-3450 while getting about the same performance.

    2) Everything looks good, but I would recommend the ASRock Extreme3 or Extreme4 over the MSI board if you want to overclock.

    If not, then go for the H77. Then you won't have to worry about overclocking.

    3) I would recommend the 7870 instead, since it would be better at anti-aliasing. The 660 is a good card, but I would rather have the 7870 out of personal preference.
  3. I updated my project for the ability to OC. How is it now?

    Also I was trying to avoid the 7870 or any AMD cards because a game I play often worked better with nVidia.
  4. You need a CPU cooler to overclock.
  5. Wont the

    COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 Plus

    In my build work?
  6. Ah, I missed the cooler. My bad.
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