New PC won't stay connected

brand new rig...

windows 7 and games on crucial 256gb ssd
WD 2tb hdd storage
i7 3770k
sabertooth z77
gtx 670 4gb
corsair 850tx
coolermaster 812

and it won't stay connected. been doing this since i got it few weeks ago. out of say 10 clicks, 2-3 will get "server not found", or some connection error. i figured things just needed to get setup, like drivers and such. but it's gotten worse. it RAPIDLY connects and disconnects. i counted and it one 30 second period it disconnected 6 times. i think it's been doing this "behind the scenes" since the day i got it. i just never noticed the little red X since it happens so quickly. it's not browsers since chrome, firefox, and IE all do it. the lil network sharing connection icon at bottom right is getting red "X"s or yellow "!" every few seconds now. it only last a couple seconds too.

i bought new ethernet cables, checked DSL line, modem, wall jack. the old Dell is connected to the same stuff as new pc and it has no problems at all. the network menu shows it connected solid. no line breaks. and i switched all the dell cables to the new pc to check that too. the wall jack is in pretty bad shape and i suppose it could be a problem outside the house. but again, the old dell has no problems and never did before buying this new PC. and it was (and is still) connected to the same stuff. so i'm thinking it's gotta be a problem w/ the new pc itself. please help before i'm disconnected for goo...
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    try google free dns and

    You said it rapily connects and disconnect but also said the network menu shows it connected solid. where did you see it connect and disconnect? where did you see it connected solid?
  2. i'm sorry. i meant that the old Dell is connected solidly. and we checked the wifes wireless laptop that uses this same modem and it too is connecting fine. so we have a wifi laptop, old dell and new pc all connected to this Westell modem, and only the new pc is having this problem.

    we just talked w/ the IP provider and theor tests show a strong connection, so they think it's the pc itself, since i've switched cables all around and they're new cables too. so seems the modem and wall jack are good. must be something wrong w/ new pc. i can't think of any software or programs that would do this. it's been doing this since we first got it.
  3. talked to a tech support at Microcenter, where i had this built, and after running thru everything he says it's a bad network interface card. said it'd be cheaper and more convenient to buy a USP wireless adapter for like $35. then it wouldn't even need the interface.
    i'm pretty miffed. i paid $2000+ for this 6 weeks ago. they have a 30 day warranty on their builds. this has had the problems since day 1, but i didn't think much of it and didn't have lotsa time to spend on it. plus was playing on 55" tv and had overscan. never even saw the lil red x icon til recently.
    he said i still have the manufacturer's warranty, but i'll probably have to pay and they'll have my pc for ages probably. but i HATE the idea of spending so much on this and it's already broken! are those USB wireless things any good?
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