Looking to Upgrade GPU will I need new PSU ?


I am looking to upgrade my System with a New GPU.

Bulldozer FX 6100
16gb 1600mhz DDR3 Kingston Ram
Nvidia Geforce 9600GT
Alpine 700W PSU.

I am looking to upgrade to a AMD Radeon 7850 will I need a new PSU ? and what do you recommend ?
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  1. No that is perfectly fine, you could even add another one without replacing your PSU
  2. You wont need to replace to replace your PSU, as Thenay said you could get 2 of that card in SLI and it'd still be fine, just unplug your current GPU and take out the power, plug the new card into the PCi slot and plug in the power plug the last card was using, and with your card a 4-pin molex connecter should have come with it, around your case should be random wires with something that looks like this: http://www.modsbg.com/site/Shemi/Molex/molex.jpg Connect the connector into that, and then the plug into the second needed power part and you're underway.
  3. You're plenty good - even most dual-card systems don't pull more than 500w. Get the 2GB version if you're gaming at 1080p.
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